Thank You Note After Interview

Dear _______________, I enjoyed talking with you to discuss the marketing manager position in your organization. After learning more details about the responsibilities and expectations of this job I feel it’s a fantastic fit for my experience, skills and interests. I’m excited by the creative approach your team takes with market research and strategy development. … Read more

Phone Interview Thank You Email

After conversing with a potential employer, it’s important to follow up with a phone interview thank you email. Expressing appreciation shows your professionalism and is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce that you are the ideal candidate for the position. It reassures the interviewer that you are indeed still interested in the job and gives you … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Card

Dear _______________, You are the sweetest friend ever! I’m so happy you came to my baby shower to help me celebrate the joy of new motherhood. I’m absolutely in love with the silver-plated, two-handle baby cup feeding set. The long silver spoon reminds me of the one my grandmother had for me when I was … Read more

Bereavement Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, The love and kindness you’ve shown to me and my family during this heart-breaking time will always be remembered. Before this past week it really did feel like everything in life was golden. I was completely unprepared to face such an unbelievable tragedy. I am still in shock. The rug has literally been … Read more

Interview Thank You

Dear __________, Thank you for granting me an interview yesterday for the position of warehouse manager. I enjoyed meeting your dynamic team, discussing the details of the job, and touring your expansive facility. After learning more about your company and its goals, my interest in the position has been further strengthened. I feel my qualifications … Read more

Interview Thank You Letter – Wording Sample

Dear __________, I greatly enjoyed meeting with you and members of your staff today to discuss your company’s marketing manager position. With my demonstrated skills in formulating successful marketing strategies for numerous corporations, I feel I would be an excellent fit for this position. I am excited about the possibility of leading your energetic sales … Read more

Interview Thank You Letter

Dear ____________, It was such a pleasure to meet with you yesterday to discuss the [INSERT JOB TITLE HERE] position you have available. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you spent with me during my visit. It was wonderful and exciting to learn more about your dynamic company, its … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Cards – Gifts

Dear ________, What a treat it was to receive a gift certificate for a mommy massage! That was so incredibly thoughtful. I can hardly wait until my appointment next week as my lower back has really been aching. And what a lovely surprise it was to receive a photography studio gift certificate for the baby’s first set of photos. That was such a … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Cards – Wording

Dear ________, Thank you for attending my baby shower! And thank you so much for bringing a delicious pasta salad for the buffet table – that was so thoughtful of you. I absolute love the precious hand-made bibs and swaddling blankets. The intricate embroidering on all the items is so beautiful and sweet. Thank you again for your … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Dear ________, Thank you so much for attending my baby shower. You added so much fun and life to the party. You were the unrivaled queen of baby shower games! Who knew you had such awesome skills? I really love your sweet baby shower gift of a darling scrapbook and professional scrapbooking supplies. Now I will have no … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Dear ________, It was so fabulous that you could attend my baby shower! I was so happy that you and our close-knit group of girls were on hand to enjoy this very special event with me. My little one will come into the world surrounded by so much love. I really appreciate the baby gift basket filled with … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Note Samples

Dear ________, What an incredible baby shower gift. I absolutely love the cute little outfits you gifted the baby, especially the pink ruffled dress. You have such impeccable taste! When the baby is about three months old, I’ll be sure to take her professional photo in that adorable dress. Thank you so much for attending my … Read more

Sample Funeral Notes

Dear ________, Your presence at my father’s memorial service was a great comfort to me and my family. The fond memories that you shared about my father during the service was incredibly moving and thoughtful. The love and support that you’ve shown us during this very difficult time will always be remembered. Thank you for … Read more

Sample Wedding Gift Thank You Note

Dear ________, Thank you so much for the matching white bathrobes. They’re so cozy and comfortable. Having them monogrammed with our initials makes them extra special! You are so thoughtful. Every time we wear them we will think of you fondly. Thank you again for sharing our very special day. Warmest regards, (YOUR NAME HERE)

Funeral Thank You Notes – Memorial

Dear ________, You have been a pillar of strength for my grandmother, my parents, me, and my entire family. We greatly appreciated that you were there for Grandpa at the hospital during his illness, and for surrounding our family with your love during his funeral. Thank you so much for dedicating a memorial bench and plaque for my … Read more

Funeral Thank You Notes – Wording

Dear ________, Your comforting presence at my mother’s memorial service was appreciated more than words can fully express. My grief and sorrow run deep, and to have someone there for me that truly understood the impact of my loss was a very beautiful thing. It made my heart lighter to be surrounded by such warm … Read more

Funeral Thank You Notes – Flowers

Dear ________, Our entire family cannot thank you enough for your generosity. The large and stunning flower arrangement you sent to the church for my grandmother’s funeral service was incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for being such a wonderful support system for all of us. It’s at difficult times like these that we stop to realize how … Read more

Funeral Thank You Notes – Appreciation

Dear ________, Your love and prayers mean the world to me and my family. Thank you so much for attending my aunt’s funeral. We also enjoyed the time you spent reminiscing with us about years of wonderful memories. The gorgeous flower arrangement you sent to the church was incredibly thoughtful. It’s good friends like you that have … Read more

Funeral Thank You Notes

Dear ________, I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many friends and family during this very sad and stressful time. Your love and prayers have helped soothe my sorrow. My grandfather was such a sweet, gentle soul. In my heart I know that he is now in a much better place, and that his love … Read more

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Dear ________, I’m still tingling from head to toe from sheer wedding bliss! I feel so incredibly blessed that you were there to share our magical evening. And thank you so much for the beautiful set of engraved champagne glasses. You are so thoughtful. This wedding keepsake will be cherished for years to come. With love … Read more

Valentine’s Day – Thank You Card

Dear _____________, Thank you so much for the platter of beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day cupcakes and cookies. Your sweet and thoughtful gift made my Valentine’s Day very special. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful friend and neighbor. You’re the best! (YOUR NAME HERE)  

Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY for The privacy of our visitors to is important to us. At, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit, and how we safeguard your information. We never sell … Read more