Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Dear __________, It was so wonderful that you were able to come to my baby shower. You’re being there to help celebrate the joy and happiness of this very special time meant the world to me. Thank you so much for the Baby Bjorn carrier. What a generous baby shower gift! This item topped the … Read more

New Baby Gift Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for the new baby gift! You’re such a sweet friend, and so wonderfully thoughtful. My heart was filled with joy and appreciation to receive your lovely present for my new baby. We still don’t know if our little one is a boy or girl, so the two tiny yellow-and-white … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Notes

Dear ________, It was so fabulous that you could attend my baby shower! I was so happy that you and our close-knit group of girls were on hand to enjoy this very special event with me. My little one will come into the world surrounded by so much love. I really appreciate the baby gift basket filled with … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording – Group Gift

Dear _________, Wow! What a surprise it was to receive such a large gift basket filled with so many goodies. Baby towels, washcloths, receiving blankets, diapers, bottles, and so much more. All of it will be put to good use. Thank you so much for these thoughtful, practical items. Love, (YOUR NAME HERE)

Baby Shower Thank You Card

Dear _______________, You are the sweetest friend ever! I’m so happy you came to my baby shower to help me celebrate the joy of new motherhood. I’m absolutely in love with the silver-plated, two-handle baby cup feeding set. The long silver spoon reminds me of the one my grandmother had for me when I was … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Card – Baby Gift Thanks

Dear _______________, Thank you for coming to my baby shower. It was so sweet to see you there. I absolutely adore the soft bunny sleeping buddy you brought for the baby. And the tiny hand-knitted blue and white sweater is so precious. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I feel so blessed and grateful for your … Read more

Thank You Note Sample – Baby Shower Gift

Dear _________, Thank you so much for the gorgeous hand-knitted baby blanket! What an incredible treasure and piece of art. I feel so spoiled just holding it. This lovely blanket will help keep my little one snuggled up in warmth and love. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! (YOUR NAME HERE)

Baby Shower Thank You Card Sample – Group Gift

Dear _________, I am so grateful to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. The beautifully-designed stroller with snap-off car seat is an unbelievably generous gift. For months, I had been eyeing that stroller at the store, but the price-tag was more than I could afford. Having this dream stroller I feel like a spoiled, pampered mom. … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording – Gift Card

Dear ____________, I am simply floored by your generosity! As we continue preparing for the baby’s arrival, your gift card will allow us to purchase several wonderful things that are still on our wish-list. I am lucky to know such a thoughtful person. Thank you so much, (YOUR NAME HERE)

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Dear ________, Thank you so much for attending my baby shower. You added so much fun and life to the party. You were the unrivaled queen of baby shower games! Who knew you had such awesome skills? I really love your sweet baby shower gift of a darling scrapbook and professional scrapbooking supplies. Now I will have no … Read more

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note Wording

Dear _______________, I am filled with immense gratitude and appreciation for your thoughtful and extremely generous baby shower gift. As an avid runner I’ve long admired and secretly wished to have a jogging stroller of my own. However, because of the steep price tag I never imagined that such an incredible dream could come true. … Read more

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Letter Example

Dear _________, We are so grateful for the baby monitor you gave us. What a generous gift! This is something that we will use every day. Whenever we put the baby down for a nap, we’ll be able to leave the room knowing that she is safe, as we’ll be able to monitor her activities … Read more

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Example Wording

Dear __________, I absolutely love the colorful diaper bag you selected for me. It has a wonderful series of zippered pockets and separated areas to store specific baby items. I will be the most organized mother on the block! This is definitely a gift that will get used a lot. I plan to take it … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Note Sample – Prepared Meals

Dear __________, I cannot thank you enough for the delicious lasagna you prepared for us. Having that nutritious, ready-made meal available to us during the first week of caring for our newborn was a real lifesaver! We are grateful for your thoughtfulness and friendship. In a few weeks we hope to host a small party … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Cards – Gifts

Dear ________, What a treat it was to receive a gift certificate for a mommy massage! That was so incredibly thoughtful. I can hardly wait until my appointment next week as my lower back has really been aching. And what a lovely surprise it was to receive a photography studio gift certificate for the baby’s first set of photos. That was such a … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Cards – Wording

Dear ________, Thank you for attending my baby shower! And thank you so much for bringing a delicious pasta salad for the buffet table – that was so thoughtful of you. I absolute love the precious hand-made bibs and swaddling blankets. The intricate embroidering on all the items is so beautiful and sweet. Thank you again for your … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Note Samples

Dear ________, What an incredible baby shower gift. I absolutely love the cute little outfits you gifted the baby, especially the pink ruffled dress. You have such impeccable taste! When the baby is about three months old, I’ll be sure to take her professional photo in that adorable dress. Thank you so much for attending my … Read more

Baby Shower Thank You Note – Generous Gift

Dear _______________, My heart was so happy and full to have you there at my baby shower. You are an amazing woman and such an important part of my life. The gorgeous gift you brought for the baby is absolutely amazing! Words cannot fully express just how grateful and blessed I feel to have received … Read more

Baby Shower Hostess Thank You Note Sample

Dear ________, Thank you so much for all of the love, time, and energy you put into organizing and hosting the beautiful baby shower you threw for me. You are a true friend, and a generous hostess. The food and drink you served were fabulous, the cake was gorgeous, the decorations were adorable, and the … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Note – From Baby

Dear __________, From bottles to bibs, rattles and cribs, I thank you for my special gift. Your thoughtfulness and kindness made me feel like a little royal highness! My daddy and mommy thank you for the gift you got me. They say you just made their day! Hugs and kisses, (YOUR BABY’S NAME HERE) Courtesy … Read more

Baby Gift Thank You Card Sample – Prepared Meals

Dear __________, Your gift of meals was incredibly thoughtful. Having a new baby in the house is a big adjustment, and knowing that we had several home-cooked dinners already prepared for us really helped us maintain our sanity! And what a fantastic cook you are – everything was so delicious. I hope someday I can … Read more

Thank You Card Sample – Baby Shower Gift

Dear __________, Your gift of crib sheets and crib mobile was more than generous, and very much appreciated. There are so many things that a newborn needs, and now that I have these important items I can cross them off my wish-list! Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower, it was wonderful … Read more

Baby Shower Hostess Thank You Card Sample

Dear _________, What a beautiful and memorable baby shower you gave me! I am still overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness. Putting together showers is a big undertaking, and you put together an incredible event. Everything about that day was perfect – the food, drink, cake, decorations, games, guests, and gifts. The baby now has … Read more