Bachelorette Party Thank You Note Sample

Dear ___________, Thank you for planning such a beautiful girls weekend for me in Napa. It was the perfect bachelorette party. Manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages at the spa, wine tasting during the day, and incredible food in the evening. The charming bed and breakfast was cozy and sweet. Two beautiful days of total leisure … Read more

Bachelorette Party Thank You Message Example

Dear ___________, What an amazing weekend! I wasn’t expecting to have professional pole dancing lessons. Although I tend to be a bit prudish and shy about these things, once I had a few drinks and loosened up, I really enjoyed myself. I just took a look at the pictures from that night, and I love … Read more

Bachelorette Party Thank You Card Wording

Dear ___________, What an incredible weekend we had! I felt like royalty with all of the spoiling and pampering I was treated to. Over the years, our group of girlfriends has created so many fun and memorable moments together, and as years pass I’ll look back fondly on these memories. The sweet gift basket you … Read more

Bachelorette Party Thank You Letter Sample

Dear ___________, Thank you for attending my bachelorette party. It was a wonderful and tasteful evening, and I’m glad you were there to enjoy it with me. Your gift of beautiful lingerie and lavender-scented sachet packets was very thoughtful. Thank you again. YOUR NAME HERE

Bachelorette Party Thank You Note Example

Dear ___________, The Naughty Girls Party was a total blast! I now have a fully stocked wardrobe of beautiful lingerie. But I must say, some of those toys and accessories were quite interesting. I never thought I would actually need to read an instruction manual before using my gifts. The Mexican piñata filled with condoms … Read more

Bachelorette Party Thank You Message Sample

Dear ___________, I think the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” most definitely applies to our weekend! I had such a fantastic time. When I climbed into the limo with you girls on Friday, I thought we were off to enjoy dinner and drinks downtown. I had no idea we were heading to … Read more