Dinner Thank You Card Example – General

Dear _________, It was great fun getting together with you this past weekend. And the dinner you served on Saturday was superb. I would love to have your recipe for chicken Parmesan. Bob and the kids are still talking about how delicious it was. Although we do live quite a distance from one another, let’s … Read more

Dinner Thank You Note Wording Example

Dear _________, All I can say is wow! You’re such incredibly gracious hosts. The large selection of appetizers, wine, and desserts you served was amazing. We loved having the chance to meet some of your friends and neighbors. What fun personalities! Their conversations were so entertaining. I’m still laughing just at the thought of John’s … Read more

Dinner Thank You Card Sample – General

Dear _________, Dinner with you last Saturday was so much fun, and the casserole you served was so delicious. Thank you for inviting us over. Let’s set another dinner date for later this month. I’d like to host it this time, and I’ll plan to prepare one of my favorite dishes that I know you’ll … Read more

Dinner Thank You Note Sample – General

Dear _________, Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home for dinner. Everything was so delicious. Your homemade ravioli and pesto pasta were incredible. And the red wine you served was outstanding. We always have such a wonderful time whenever we get together with you. I only wish we lived closer. Bob and I … Read more

Dinner Thank You Letter Sample Wording

Dear _________, What a lovely evening! We all had such a wonderful time. As we drove through your neighborhood and decided to pop by for a quick visit, we hadn’t intended on staying for so long. But what gracious hosts you were, preparing a delicious dinner and inviting us to stay. As always, your hospitality … Read more

Dinner Thank You Card Sample

Dear _________, Dinner was absolutely superb, and the setting was elegant. You two always know just where to find the very best restaurants. Thank you so much for inviting us to join you on a lovely afternoon excursion, and treating us to such a delicious evening meal. We greatly enjoyed spending time with you. (YOUR … Read more

Dinner Thank You Note Wording Example

Dear _________, What a treat it was to be invited to your home for dinner. You are both such fabulous cooks, and the way each dish was presented was a bit like viewing great works of art. We really enjoyed ourselves, and would like to reciprocate your kindness. Although my culinary talents are quite limited, … Read more

Dinner Thank You Note Sample Wording

Dear _________, Thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening. The dinner was delicious! You are both incredible hosts, and we enjoyed spending time with you catching up on everything we missed out on over the last few years. It was so great too that our children all got along so well and really enjoyed each … Read more