Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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The holidays are here and you’ve been invited to fun gatherings, dinners, and Christmas parties. As we all know, it’s not polite to arrive at one of these special events empty handed! To make things easy and quick, I’ve hand-picked a thoughtful collection of beautiful hostess gift ideas for the holidays. These are all appropriate gifts in the perfect price range!

Best Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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What’s awesome is that each of these items can be ordered online from Amazon and will arrive in no time flat! I highly recommend ordering an extra hostess gift in advance so you’ll be all set and prepared in the event you’re invited to a last-minute party. These gifts will stand out among all the rest as they don’t involve bottles of wine or appetizers that will be consumed and forgotten. They’re handsome long-lasting gifts that will be used by your host or hostess for years to come. And if you’re wondering what the etiquette is for the amount to spend on a hostess gift, there’s a simple formula for it! The price of the item should be equal to the amount you’d normally spend on a bottle of wine or flowers in a vase. In California that amount is approximately $20-$30. But if your budget is tight, great items under $20 include a lovely candle or a platter of freshly baked cookies.

Best Hostess Gift Ideas | Something for the Kitchen

Your host and hostess will appreciate any of these thoughtful holiday gift ideas. And what you’ll like best is that all of these hostess gifts are available for quick shipment via Amazon prime. They make ordering high-quality products a snap. It’s quick, easy, and done! From the above collection I adore the vintage recipe tin plus recipe cards. If you like something beautiful there’s a very good chance the hostess of the party you’re going to will love it too!

Top Hostess Gifts | Serving Tools

Serving tools that can be used right away for parties and entertaining make wonderful hostess gifts. These are all items that won’t hit the donation bin after the holidays. Instead, these lovely items will be used over and over again. I absolutely love the slate cheeseboard set and the premium black walnut serving tray. Which of these fabulous gift ideas do you like most?

Gift Ideas | Affordable Hostess Gifts

These affordable holiday gifts range from under $20 to under $30, which is the ideal amount to spend on a hostess gift for a dinner party!

Holiday Gift Ideas | Hospitality Gifts

This round-up of hospitality gifts features items that are absolutely perfect to gift to a host or hostess at the next dinner party you’re invited to. These items also make wonderful holiday presents for co-workers at the office. And if you order a few extras then you’ll be prepared to reciprocate those unanticipated holiday gifts that often come from friends and neighbors at the last minute! From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Hostess Gift Ideas | Holiday Cards

During the holiday season remember to include a beautiful high-quality Christmas card with your hostess gift. Select a handsome greeting card that looks special and unique!

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