Sympathy Gifts and Condolence Gift Ideas

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Sympathy gifts are a thoughtful way to express feelings and emotions in a meaningful way. Memorial gifts offer a respectful tribute and provide comfort in the grieving process. The following sympathy gifts are both meaningful and appropriate. Attach a sympathy card to your gift that’s filled with warm and comforting thoughts.

Sympathy Gifts and Condolence Gifts | Memorial Gift Ideas

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Sympathy Gifts | Comforting Angels

These beautiful angels offer comforting reminders that in our time of need we are never alone. The warmth and love we feel for our departed is indeed received by them, and in turn we are showered with their  beautiful blessings.

Funeral Gifts | Thoughtful Memorial Candles

Memorial candles make thoughtful sympathy gifts for friends and loved ones. Their use is very versatile. Candles can be used during a funeral service, at a Celebration of Life event, or within the home to help provide healing during the mourning process.

Remembrance Gifts | Memorial Figurines

Express your condolences with a beautiful memorial figurine. The bereaved can place this sweet sympathy gift in a special place within their home.

Condolence Gifts | Keepsake Boxes

A thoughtful memorial gift box is perfect for storing treasured memories, small jewelry items and little remembrances of the departed. Select a style that truly resonates with the feelings in your heart.

Sympathy Gifts | Funeral Service Guest Book

Guest books are lovely memorial items that your friend or family member will really appreciate receiving. When planning funeral services small details like purchasing a guest book may often be overlooked. Help reduce their to-do list by presenting your gift early on at an appropriate moment.

Memorial Gifts | Remembering Beloved Pets

Pets are family. When a pet has departed they leave an emptiness in our hearts and homes. Any one of these beautiful memorial gifts will be appreciated by a pet owner who is grieving for their loss.

Condolence Gifts | Sympathy Cards

Along with a small condolence gift remember to include a beautiful sympathy card. Words of love, kindness and heartfelt support can be just what they need to hear. When we lose someone close to us we hope that those around us understand our grief and are there to provide emotional comfort. Don’t be shy in making an offer to help a grieving friend. A ready-made dinner, an offer to make phone calls for them, pick up their children from school, or assistance with making needed preparations can help lighten their load.

SYMPATHY GIFTS | Condolence Gift Ideas

Quotes to Accompany Memorial Gifts, Sympathy Gifts & Funeral Gifts

Although it may seem that I’ve left your side and I’m gone forever, this is not the case. In truth I’ve traveled home to Heaven, and I’m now closer than you know. – Author

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” – Author Unknown

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” – Winnie the Pooh

“May the winds of heaven blow softly…and whisper in your ear: How much we love and miss you, and wish that you were here.” – Author Unknown

Just because you cannot see me does not mean that I’m not there. Just because I am in Heaven does not mean I do not care. I often see you crying. You often say my name. I want to hold you tight. I want to ease your pain. It’s easy for me, for I know Heaven is real. If you knew the truth, how much better you would feel. One day we will meet again, but only when the time is right. When you step out of the darkness, I will be standing in the light.” – Author Unknown

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