House Sitting Thank You Note Sample

Dear ________, Thank you so much for house sitting for us. You brought in our newspapers and mail, watered our plants, fed our fish, and even shoveled the snow in our driveway. We will miss you next year when you go away to college, but until then we will highly recommend your professional house sitting … Read more

House Sitting Thank You Letter Sample Wording

Dear ________, It’s always a worry to leave on a trip during the winter holidays, especially when leaving a home that’s fully stocked with gift items for Christmas. I had originally planned to just lock up the house tight and depend on timers for turning lights on during the evening. But your offer to house … Read more

House Sitting Thank You Card Sample Wording

Dear ________, You are such a sweet neighbor and friend. I really appreciate the fact that while we were away you kept an eye on our home, bringing in our trash and recycling containers, picking up our mail, and turning on our sprinklers. And you made sure no white moving vans pulled into our driveway! … Read more