Mother’s Day Thank You Note Sample Wording

Dear Mom, Thank you so much for all that you do. You are a terrific mother, grandmother, and friend. You are extremely graceful, poised, and loving. Throughout my life you have been my role model, a wonderful example of the type of person I wish to be. I love and cherish you more than words … Read more

Mother’s Day Thank You Card Sample Wording

Dear Mom, You are the perfect mother, so loving, patient and kind. Over the years, whenever I have needed great advice, or just someone who was willing to listen to my challenges, you have always been there for me, extending warmth and understanding. When I am sick you stop whatever you’re doing, and you come … Read more

Mother’s Day Thank You Note Sample

Dear Mom, You are an incredible person. Always so positive, upbeat and loving. Throughout my life, as I accomplished things great and small, you have always been there rooting for me on the sidelines. You are my most loyal fan! I know that whatever I am doing, I can always count on your support, encouragement … Read more

Mother’s Day Thank You Note – Mother-In-Law

Dear __________, You are an incredibly loving, giving, and devoted mother-in-law. As I think of you, I can almost see your warm glowing smile. I remember how the first time we met, you instantly made me feel comfortable, and welcomed me to the family with open arms. That day I realized how much sweetness there … Read more

Mother’s Day Thank You Note Wording

Dear __________, I wish we could be with you today to celebrate Mother’s Day. But across the miles we send our love and kisses, and wishes for a wonderful day. We hope you’ll use the gift card to treat yourself to something fun! XOXO (YOUR NAMES HERE)