Pet Sitting Thank You Letter Example Wording

Dear _________, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care you took of Baron while we were away. Knowing that our dog was so well cared for each and every day allowed us to really relax and not worry about him while we were on vacation. Thanks a million. (YOUR NAME HERE)

Pet Sitting Thank You Note Example Wording

Dear _________, Good pet sitters are hard to find, so we feel grateful that Emily referred you to us. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our dog and fish. The next time we are in need of a pet sitter, we will definitely call on you again! (YOUR NAME HERE)

Pet Sitting Thank You Note Wording

Dear _________, Thank you for taking such good care of Nibbles while we were away. She means a great deal to our family, and knowing that she was at home, safe and sound while we were on vacation gave us great comfort and peace of mind. (YOUR NAME HERE)

Pet Sitting Thank You Card Sample Wording

Dear _________, What an awesome job you did watching our dogs. You are our favorite pet sitter! Not only did you play with them and take them on numerous walks when we were gone, you made sure they were well fed, happy, and bathed. And from the way they lovingly plop themselves onto your lap … Read more