Teacher to Parent Thank You Note Sample – Volunteer

Dear _________, Thank you for signing up to drive on our upcoming field trip. It’s because of dedicated parents like you who are willing to volunteer their time that our class is able to experience important out-of-classroom activities that will truly enhance their education. As your child’s teacher, I want you to know how much … Read more

Teacher to Parent Thank You Letter Sample – Supplies

Dear _________, When I walked into my classroom and saw the large case of paper, I was overwhelmed with appreciation. With school district budget cuts, important supplies such as paper are becoming scarce commodities, with only a few reams of paper being distributed to teachers over the course of a year. Your donation will allow … Read more

Teacher to Parent Thank You Card Sample – Supplies

Dear _________, Thank you so much for your donation of hand sanitizer and Kleenex to our classroom. During the cold and flu season both of these supplies will come in very handy! I feel extremely lucky this year to have such supportive parents and families. Thank you again. (YOUR NAME HERE)

Parent to Teacher Thank You Note Wording Example

Dear _________, This third-grade year was absolutely incredible! Under your patience and guidance, Gina academically grew leaps and bounds this year. Her test scores were up in all areas, and my husband and I are so pleased with her progress. I just wish you could move up a grade along with the kids so you … Read more

Parent to Teacher Thank You Card Sample Wording

Dear _________, I was delighted to learn that you are Sam’s kindergarten teacher. I have heard so many wonderful things about you from other parents, so I had my fingers crossed that Sam would be assigned to your classroom. If you ever need a driver for field trips, or extra classroom help on Fridays, I … Read more

Parent to Teacher Thank You Note Sample Wording

Dear _________, When I walked Katie into your classroom this morning and saw what an amazing learning environment you’ve created for your students, I was overwhelmed with delight! The colorful decorations and the sheer number of grade-appropriate manipulatives available to the children were an impressive sight. And the way you greeted each child at the … Read more